Drumhilla Garden

Phone: 02868659799
Address: 58 Manger Road
BT93 3DJ

A domestic garden of half acre including: a poly-tunnel; raised fruit and vegetable beds; lawn and herbaceous beds; and a small field including an even smaller orchard and a wildlife pond.
We opened in October 2019 and offer the activities below to those who are referred to us via GPs or social prescribing contacts for whatever reason, be it lack of social contact, mental health etc etc.
We would like to be able to offer others the opportunities that we have found beneficial while attending a social farm and community garden group. We aim to be a local resource for people of all abilities offering opportunities: to socialise and build relationships; to develop new skills; to enjoy physical exercise and enjoy being outside and in nature; to experience a lifestyle that treads lightly on the planet.
Activities that would be on offer:
Seasonal gardening work, to include: sowing, planting, taking cuttings, tending crops and harvesting. Could extend to include use of produce depending on the ability and interest of the attendees (eg food preparation and baking).
General ground maintenance: weeding, grass cutting, hedge cutting, fence mending and treating, clearing ditches etc.
We have four ex cage hens which allow engagement with feeding the birds, cleaning the coop and collecting eggs
Future plans inc.: a wild bird feeding station, ucks and two bee hives
Potential for small DIY projects such as making bug hotels and bird boxes.