Botton Social Farm (Camphill Village Trust)

Phone: 07964 215197
Address: High Farm Gardens, Botton Village
Botton Village
YO21 2NJ

Botton Social Farm is a working farm with animals and large scale horticultural cropping areas. We have a range of animals including, cows, sheep, pigs and poultry. Some jobs include feeding and mucking out the animals, and even helping butcher them in our onsite meat store. We grow field scale vegetable and fruit crops and have several protected cropping areas including a glasshouse and polytunnels. All this is produced organically, with no chemicals. Botton Social Farm is part of the larger Botton Village which has many other workshops such as Woodwork; Creamery; Printing Press; Bakery; Shop; Coffee Shop; and farms and gardens.

Care Farming Code of Practice