Insurance for Social Farms & Gardens members

Having the right insurance cover is vital for all farmers, gardeners and growers. Insurance protects organisations and individuals from expensive liability claims if something goes wrong.

We don’t offer insurance advice, but we work with independent insurance broker McClarrons. McClarrons offer specialist insurance advice and exclusive rates to Social Farms & Gardens members.

McClarrons have already helped over 200 members across the UK find the right insurance cover. Whether you run a community green space, city farm, care farm or green care service, McClarrons understand your work and their team can guide you through the type of insurance cover you may need. Should the worst happen, McClarrons also have an in-house claims team to support you.  

Why insure through McClarrons and Social Farms & Gardens

  • Protect your organisation and individuals should something go wrong
  • Find specialist insurance advice for community farmers, gardeners and growers
  • Access exclusive insurance advice and rates through Social Farms & Gardens membership

How to get insured 

For a free, no-obligation quote or review of your existing coverage, email McClarrons Care Team at [email protected] or call 01653 600477. 

If you’re not a Social Farms & Gardens member yet, sign up for free to access member-only rates and advice.

Find out more about insurance cover

The right type of cover for you will depend on your organisation's activities. Use the brochure below (open full screen) along with our types of cover examples to think about what you might need. Download our template asset register to track your business assets. 

   cover_thumbnail.jpg       asset_register_0.jpg     

As well as insurance, it's important to have good risk management practices. Find guides on site health and safety, risk assessments and safeguarding at


"We heard about McClarrons insurance through Social Farms & Gardens - without that contact we would never have known and we would have missed out! The service was extremely efficient, thorough and professional.

We work across multiple sites and had an arson attack and break in last year, so there was quite a lot of information to go through. Throughout, the staff were super helpful, friendly and kept everything simple. We ended up with better cover than we'd had and saved over £100, which for a small charity like us, means a lot.  

A big thank you to McClarrons and Social Farms & Gardens.”


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