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postcode_lottery_logo_2_0.pngNottingham Growing Network (NGN)

NGN is a networking initiative that aims to build links between community growing groups in the Nottingham area, who share an interest in gardening with respect and care for the environment. Thanks to further funding from the Postcode Local Trust and the continued work of our network and partnerships, 2018’s focus is Water Works: growing in a changing climate. Through Water Works we will: 

  • Source, convert and install free/low cost materials for harvesting and storing rain water (work by volunteers/project workers) and raise understanding of reducing use of drinking water for irrigation
  • Support and enable network members to improve their growing in a changing climate through peer to peer learning, group workshops and participating in network events.
  • Educate and advise the public and individuals in these areas at workshops and events.

We are developing a resource document to be shared on data-sticks.

The work of the initiative will also be shaped by what groups would like. Membership of the network is open throughout the Nottingham and surrounding area.

NGN has linked up with Social Farms & Gardens as a local network to support local organisations – including both members and non-members of SF&G.

You can get more news and updates via the NGN Facebook page at: and via the events page of this website. 

We are delighted that Severn Trent Water has joined in our partnership for this programme.

Membership Updates

Download a document in PDF format which gives details of the Nottingham Growing Network, plus information and contact details for many of the groups currently involved.

Download: Nottingham Growing Network Members Information (updated January 2019)

Project Background Information

The project involves:

  • Peer-to-peer site visits, training opportunities and practical environmental improvement sessions to promote good practice in wildlife, bio-diversity and community growing and encourage greater awareness of the impact environmental improvements will bring to community engagement and wellbeing.
  • Learning to manage different habitats, to address climate change (eg through water conservation/management), developing wildlife trails, will ultimately improve environmental delivery throughout the network.
  • Creating more diverse and better managed green spaces, improving urban bio-diversity & species rich habitats. This will lead to more environmentally aware & happier communities (including users and the wider public) with improved wellbeing through improved access to nature/greenspace.

The project will use UK experience to enhance support and networking across Nottingham, piloting a new approach with SF&G member groups (and others) on the ground, to bring together 20 grassroots community growing & wildlife groups in a new environmental network, making meaningful connections to the City Council and local businesses, schools and the universities to improve the environment. 


Our Work

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Your services are free, relevant and have promoted growth which makes you more popular with us.” – Community Garden member.