CJIW Farm Project
Mount Road
St Asaph
Rhyl, Denbighshire
Phone Number: 0787 5675643

An ambitious project for people from Rhyl and Denbighshire to develop a piece of farmlans on the outskirts of Rhyl. The ‘growing project’ provides a range of opportunities in relation to employment related activity and learning, principally in the field of horticulture/agriculture, but also in the connected fields of retail and marketing. Plans include the development of a ‘growing’ social enterprise and farm shop.

In the first phase of the project, Criminal Justice Intervention Wales (CJIW) has worked with groups of learners to plant a one acre site with potatoes. Allotment plots have also been created to grow vegetables, herbs and soft fruit. SOVA has supported volunteers from the Dewi Sant Centre to establish a new bee colony on a prepared plot at the farm, screened off from the rest of the site by willow and beech fencing that has been prepared by participants on CJIW’s ‘Thatching’ project. The beekeepers have received training in apiculture, and in time will be branding and selling the honey as part of SOVA’s Community Harvest project.