Blackhill and Consett Park Community Garden

Phone: 01207 218 019
Address: Blackhill and Consett Park
Laburnum Avenue

A community garden available to local schools, community and disabled groups. The purpose of the garden is to introduce groups and individuals to basic gardening and growing skills, the benefits of healthy eating and growing your own food.We have a second community allotment with our friends in the Blackfyne Allotment Association and in addition to that they themslves have set up a third community allotment on their site.

Facilities: Volunteering, Community space for hire, Picnic area, Play area
Open to the public? Yes
Open to the public - details: Variable opening hours/pre-arranged visits/events or open days only
Accessible? Yes
Has livestock? No

The site is within the park itself ,behind the Park Lodge. Access by car is from Laburnum Avenue to the car park adjacent to Consett and Blackhill Park.
We are well served by buses : TH X45 Consett to Newcastle service, the V9 Chopwell to Consett service and the V3/V4 Circular route all pass the park gates.
In addition we are on an optional part of the C2C cycle route.