Hetton New Dawn Group
Plot 17 Hutton Street
Hetton New Dawn Group
Hetton & Eppleton Community Hall
Phone Number: 07473720751

The project will:
• Run from January 2019 to December 2019
• Develop a community garden at Downs Pit Lane Allotments (Hutton Street)
• Turn a currently neglected allotment into a useful environmentally friendly area
• Create a therapeutic natural environment which will holistically benefit the whole community including the elderly and those living with physical, learning and sensory disabilities and mental health problems
• Produce home grown fruit, vegetables and herbs and attract and encourage bio-diversity
• Encourage social interaction and provide opportunities for physical activity in fresh air
• Promote keeping healthy, physically and mentally, and promote feelings of calm/control
• Work with groups of up to 5 people four days a week
• Train volunteers to assist those benefiting from the activity
• Work with over 50 local residents
• Grow a variety of fruit/vegetables/plants/flowers which would be used by the people who grow the food and to support the Foodbank and Welcome Cafes