Code of Practice Q&A session (Online)

Start / End Date: 
2nd December 2021 10:00 to 11:30

If you're a Social Farms & Gardens member who has enrolled in our Code of Practice application, this free Q&A session will answer any questions you might have about the application process. The event is for those working towards the Code or those who have achieved it. 

Code of Practice Administrator Pearl Cousins and Code Assessor Rachael Fell-Chambers will be on hand to answer your questions and help you to move things forward. 

You might find the Q&A useful if you have:

  • Started your Code of Practice application and got stuck  
  • Read the guidance but still have specific questions
  • Submitted an application and have been asked for clarification, further evidence or to carry out improvements
  • Achieved the Code and have been asked for something specific related to continued compliance and want to double check it

Members of our assessment panel are experienced current or retired care farmers with depth of knowledge and understanding of the standards required.

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