Getting Started: Careers in Community Gardens and City Farms - London

An intro for those looking to get involved in community gardens and city farms in London. Come along and find out how and where to get started...

This FREE day course (including lunch) will cover food growing, composting and manure, working with volunteers in community settings and basic gardening skills and knowledge. The course will go on to signpost you to further accredited courses and training, helping set you off on the path to a successful career in this field.

So join us and learn about how you could make a career in community gardens or city farms.


Member Webinar: Talking About Food at Every Level

This webinar will look at how to start, manage and grow a fruitful network of community growing groups, taking lessons from the Edible Cardiff Network.

Edible Cardiff is a cross-city network with the aim of bringing together Community Growing Groups to share skills, resources, and increase the amount of food grown and the growing space available to groups in Cardiff.  With regular growing festivals delivered in partnership, the project offers opportunities for small grants for groups, growing at home packs and a collective voice.  


Member Webinar: Creating A Community Garden From Scratch

This webinar is about managing gardening-focused programmes in local neighbourhoods, especially council and housing-association estates, using our London Teams' experience of working with a neighbourhood, a council and a grant funder to create a community gardening and involvement programme in a London Borough.  


Member Webinar: Gardening for the Climate

The benefits that community growing bring to physical and mental well-being and social cohesion are being increasingly recognised across policy thinking.  

The climate impact of regenerative growing is overwhelmingly positive too, where practices like soil-building, composting, water harvestings, seed saving and local equitable food distribution are brought into play.  

This webinar will give examples of these practices and discuss how regenerative community growing can influence the shift to agro-ecological practices in the food growing sector.