Member Webinar: Creating A Community Garden From Scratch

Start / End Date: 
20th October 2021 14:00 to 15:00

This webinar is about managing gardening-focused programmes in local neighbourhoods, especially council and housing-association estates, using our London Teams' experience of working with a neighbourhood, a council and a grant funder to create a community gardening and involvement programme in a London Borough.  

We will look at what councils and grant funders prioritise when selecting providers. We will consider how to create a community-led programme of activities that appeals to a wide range of residents, including nature-focussed activities beyond gardening. And we will check which ingredients are needed to manage smaller scale projects led by residents on a voluntary basis, and larger scale projects delivered by an external provider such as SF&G and/or our members.  

Our monthly webinars for SF&G members take place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, 2-3pm and are part of the free package of benefits that members have access to. Non-members may also attend for £10.

Recordings of past webinars are made available on our website. Webinars are hosted on Zoom which is free to access.