Gardeniser Pro Training

What the course involves

Gardenisers work through a 40 hour training course either online or in a classroom working through the modules or learning units using a variety of training methods such as, presentations, case studies, resources and information and practical activities. Learners also do a further 40 hours in a practical internship to complete the course. The time within the internship is used to develop knowledge, competencies, and skills which will be gained by the learners during the local professional training course and can then be put into practice.

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The Gardeniser course is made up of a number of learning units which include:

  • Understanding the concept and main characteristics of shared community garden, its history, types, and common values
  • Negotiation and Mediation
  • Finding the right site for your Project
  • Designing your project
  • Job description for a Gardeniser
  • Rules and policies in the garden
  • How to organise activities in the garden
  • Volunteer and staff styles
  • Seasonal Wheel, planning what to plant and when
  • Working with people with physical disabilities
  • Resilience and diversity. Looking after yourself, staff, volunteers and visitors people in the garden
  • Understanding the main contributions/ challenges in working with volunteers
  • Understanding Volunteers needs
  • Recruiting Volunteers
  • The induction process for Volunteers
  • Understanding the Costs of a Garden
  • Creating an action plan for your community garden
  • Garden visit to see how income is brought in-visit
  • Evaluation as a process
  • Quick evaluation
  • Health Check of an organisation
  • Using the ECVET accreditation System

Gardeniser Pro uses the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) which is a technical framework for the recognition of learning outcomes with a view to achieving a qualification. ECVET works hand in hand with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) to provide greater transparency in European qualifications.Consistency of the structure and contents of the training is assured by using the ECVET accreditation system.

  • The Gardeniser Pro Training Course is divided into 3 Modules which represent the core competencies of a Gardeniser. Each module includes different units.
  • The program works through the 3 modules over the course of 10 weeks for 4 hours a week- 2 hours using pre-filmed lessons and/or activities and 2 hours working together through webinars and online meetings once a week in English.
  • In total the course will cover 80 hours of learning including classroom training and practical internship work which can be done to fit your own schedule. Once this training is completed learners can take the online test to obtain the Gardeniser Pro license.
  • The whole Gardeniser Pro training pathway (training course + internship) gains a total of 7,5 ECVET credits.

The course is delivered by Social Farms & Gardens staff and partners. SF&G are currently becoming an accredited training provider with the British Accreditation Council.

We will publish future training dates for this course when they become available. For more information about about Gardenisers and green spaces in Europe go to the Gardeniser website.


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