Introduction to the care farming Code of Practice

Quality assurance via Social Farms & Gardens' care farming (and green care) Code of Practice 

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Film - Why the Code is so important

Featuring care farmers explaining the care farming Code of Practice, what it entails and why they feel it is so important - both to individual farms and green care sites and also to the wider sector.

“Having the Code of Practice has enabled us to network and build links with other farms across the country. It has also helped in raising profile around the health and social care work we do" Windmill Hill City Farm, Bristol

Narrated PowerPoint presentation

More details about the Code - what it is, why it was developed, what it covers and  some more information on the Code application process

“We used the code of practice to help identify the requirements to make us a professional and credible social and care farm provider. It has helped us to focus on the right areas and been extremely useful when inducting staff and volunteers”.Hall Farm Eastoft, Lincolnshire

Code case study

Find out how useful the Code can be from care farmers who have achieved it. 

Read how Jo Dudek of Fields and Farms used the Code to make her care farm a success. 


How to apply for the Code

For details of how to apply for the care farming Code of Practice and what to do next - click here

Meet the Code team!

Find out more about our assessors and Code staff here

Need more info?

A downloadable leaflet is available here.


Supporting resources and  workshops 

For sites that have enrolled on the Code application process, Social Farms & Gardens offers a number of supporting resources (such as Applicant Guidance documents and presentations) and and workshops to help with Code applications, for more information  or if you have further queries do get in touch by emailing Pearl - our Code Administrator  on

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Training, Support and Resources

New training opportunities and care farming support and resources

Regional Networking

About the regional networking element of Growing Care Farming

Quality Assurance

Quality service provision with the Care farming Code of Practice