Scale of the care farming sector

Social Farms & Gardens have a history of tracking the scale and scope of the care farming sector, taking regular snapshots of the state of play since 2007. Regularly building on the information about the growth of care farming sector​ gives us credibility when advocating on behalf of care farmers and green care providers, representing your needs to policy makers, referral agencies and funders​ alike.

2021  - Care farming and green care survey 2021 (SF&G)

2020 - Growing Care Farming: Annual Survey 2020 (SF&G)

November 2020 - Lockdown 2 snapshot survey of care farm status

Results of snapshot survey to show the status of care farms and green care sites over the second lockdown, to help us understand how it is affecting care farming - 
not definitive, but it gives some insight as to what is going on in the sector.











The majority of care farms (88%) are remaining open to service users in some capacity over the lockdown period. Of those, 46% of care farms are open as usual (with staff, volunteers and service users attending under social distancing measures) and 42% are open but in a reduced capacity (with fewer staff, volunteers or service users attending, again under social distancing measures); 12% however are closed to service users, with only essential staff attending site to care for livestock and/or essential site maintenance.

2017 - Care Farming in the UK and Ireland: Annual Survey of the sector 2016/17 (Care Farming UK)

2015 - Care Farming in the UK and Ireland: State of Play 2015 (Care Farming UK)

2014 - Care farming: Defining the ‘offer’ in England (Natural England and Care Farming UK)

2012 - Care farming in the UK – Key Facts and Figures (Care Farming UK)

2007 - Care farming in the UK: Evidence and Opportunities (National Care Farming Initiative)


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