Care farming and green care training opportunities

As well as themed webinars and other events, there are a number of  training and information options, originally developed as part of the Growing Care Farming project. Several of these courses will continue to run for a time after the project has ended.

To start....

For anyone interested in our training, we recommend as a starting point 

Principles of care farming  

Designed to give a background to care farming, this is a web resource and so is available at any time

For prospective or new care farmers and their staff:

Starting with care farming  

Designed for those interested in setting up a care farm or who want to know what's involved - with an introduction to care farming, what needs to be considered when setting up, and some guidance on how to get into care farming. This is an online course, so it is available at any time - just follow the link to book.

Developing good practice - for prospective and existing care farmers:

Developing good practice in care farming

Designed for both those who are new to care farming and for those already established - it gives a more detailed look at care farming, and addresses developing good practice delivering from your site. This is an online course, so it is available at any time - just follow the link to book.

Introduction to the Code of Practice

Care farmers have developed good practice on their site by working through the care farming Code of Practice - now called the Green Care Quality Mark. Prospective and new care farmers and green care practitioners have also found that working through the Quality Mark process has given them a checklist of what needs to be covered, before opening their doors to service users (including policies, insurance, governance, safeguarding, health and safety etc.) The 'Introduction to the Code' pages provide more details about the Code but remains relevant for the Green Care Quality Mark.This is web resource, so it is available at any time.

Working with specific client groups

The four courses

Care farming for mental health

Care farming for Learning Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Developing Alternative Provision on care farms

Nurturing young people with anxiety and depression through care farming

that explore how care farming can meet the needs of specific client groups are currently unavailable, as the associated project funding has ended.

Training offered by other organisations

We are also linking to other training opportunities (some delivered by other organisations), courses that we think will be useful for care farmers and green care practioners and those wanting to start out :

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We have many more resources around care farming and green care available here: 



Care farming and green care resources

Browse our library of information for those new to the sector as well as established providers. 

Care farming and green care training

Find care farming and green care training to get you started or develop your services.

Green care Quality Assurance

Show quality service provision by working towards our Green Care Quality Mark.