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New GCF Training

A number of new training options are being developed as part of the Growing Care Farming project and we will soon be sharing more details and links to the courses with you here. Most of the training will be available from the New Year.


  • Principles of care farming
  • Starting with care farming
  • Developing good practice in care farming
  • Care farming and mental health
  • Care farming for Learning Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Developing Alternative Provision on care farms
  • Nurturing young people with anxiety and depression through care farming

Training offered by other organisations

We are also linking to other training opportunities that are being delivered by other organisations, coursese that we think will be useful for care farmers and those wanting to start out in care farming:

CEVAS - care farmer training via the 'Therapeutic Route'

Countryman's Club

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Training and Supporting resources

New training opportunities and care farming resources

Regional engagement

About the regional engagement work of Growing Care Farming

Quality Assurance

Quality service provision with the Care farming Code of Practice