Growing Resilience - Northern Ireland

Growing Resilience is a two-year Big Lottery funded programme, managed by us, which aims to increase social capital and resilience in the community growing sector in Northern Ireland.  

We are working with small clusters of community gardens close to one another to increase capacity within groups and links between group. The idea is that stronger more connected groups will be more sustainable and better able to withstand changes in a changing financial landscape. 

The programme works to support volunteers in nearby community gardens to deliver skill-sharing sessions to each other, increasing skills, confidence and connections. Ultimately the conversations had between community gardens will lead to a stronger voice for the sector in general. 

We have chosen to carry out this work because strong social networks - whether they are formal or informal - foster trust, reciprocity, information sharing, and cooperation, all of which benefit the people involved. Research demonstrates that higher levels of social capital are associated with better health, higher educational achievement, better employment outcomes, and lower crime rates. The stronger the interactions between people are, the greater the sense of community spirit, neighbourliness and civil participation.

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 If you are interested in learning more about this project, and receiving occasional updates, then contact us using the email address below (we promise we won’t bombard you with spam). Don't forget to include your name and the name of your group:

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We also plan to create a downloadable pdf leaflet about the benefits of participating. This is being prepared and will be available in due course. 


Miriam Turley
C/O Social Farms & Gardens Northern Ireland

Tel : 07725699442


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