Help Us Plant A Seed & Grow A Community

Regular income from SF&G Supporters is becoming increasingly vital to us these days, as there are fewer grants around to cover our core work. Your money will go to the heart of what we do - helping communities to grow so they can change people's lives. Donations and regular payments will also be used to cover day-to-day things like electricity bills, computers, tools and equipment, money to buy seeds, insurance etc. Sure it's not glamorous stuff, but it is essential - without money for these things we simply would not be able to operate.

Please note:  We are in the process of revising the 'thank you' rewards we give for regular donors and will update these details as soon as possible. If you are interested in volunteering at a community growing group, please contact your nearest group directly - SF&G does not arrange volunteering opportunities on behalf of our members.


Case Studies

Inspirational case studies from our members across the UK.

Our Work

We are the leading UK charity dedicated to supporting city farms, community gardens, care farms & other green spaces.