AFCP Administrator 
The role usually takes an average of 1.5 to 2 days per month, which can be very ‘lumpy’, depending on timing of meetings, events; to a total of approx. 140 hours pa. 
Salary: £25/hour. 

AgriFood Charities Partnership's overall aim is to promote education and research in agriculture and food production by supporting charities, that are working in the discipline, to make better use of their funds. The AFCP Administrator role will include the following: 

Company Secretary: 

  • Organise location/style/catering for meeting 
  • Preparation of meeting papers in liaison with Chair 
  • Circulation of papers to Board 
  • Preparation and circulation of minutes 
  • Maintaining Register of Members 
  • Maintaining AFCP files on Dropbox 
  • Submission of regulatory items to Companies House and Charities Commission 


  • Maintain financial records 
  • Paying accounts as applicable 
  • Liaison with bank (HSBC) 
  • Issuing subscription invoices; follow-up as required 
  • Preparation of accounts and liaison with reporting accountant 
  • Collection of AFCP Charity contributions to  joint projects 


  • Assist Charities Coordination Director/Chair/Other with organisation of events (National Forum, Student Forum etc.) 
  • Administrative function for these events, eg: delegates list, badges etc  


  • Circulation of various emails to AFCP members and mailing lists 
  • Upload content of Newsletter, maintain database for circulation and arrange distribution of newsletters (usually 4 per annum) as required. 


  • Maintaining current news/information on website 
  • Maintaining Charities/Partners database on website 
  • Liaison with Website Designers over updates to website as required. 

To apply: For further information, please contact Company Secretary and Administrator, Elizabeth Stephens, on Letters of applications, with supporting CV, should be submitted, either by post or email, to: Elizabeth Stephens, IAgrE, The Bullock Building, University Way, Cranfield MK43 0GH or