Can I make a decent living from care farming?

We firmly believe that care farmers need to be properly reimbursed for their time and expertise and that care farms need a strong economic foundation, however we also firmly believe that the main driver of care farming cannot be financial gain.

Visiting care farms around the UK you will find what connects the care farmers is their passion to help others. This should always be the primary consideration when thinking about starting out in care farming.

Care farms are extremely varied and are often developed off the back of an existing enterprise. Many care farmers supplement their income from other sources such as commercial farming, educational visit fees, farm shops or cafes or even through accessing external funding like grants, donations, crowdfunding or sponsorship. 

If you're a farmer already, take a look at the questions to consider before you start care farming.

If you're not a farmer but would still like to become a care farmer, read our advice on where to start

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Can you help me with getting land for a care farm?

Land acquisition can differ from region to region. Find out where you can go to get help with land aquisition. 

Is my farm still a care farm without any animals?

Care farms can be very different from each other and you don't have to have animals to be classed as a care farm. 

Is my farm already a care farm?

If you work with people with a defined need outdoors you may already be care farming. Find out what defines a care farm. 

Is there any funding for setting up a care farm?

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What do I need to consider if I'm not a farmer?

If you're not a farmer there are a few things to think about before you get started with care farming. 

What do I need to consider if I'm a farmer?

If you're a farmer interested in care farming there are a few questions to ask before you start.