This advice is for those who are not farmers and may not be familiar with the practical aspects of farming. Perhaps you work in education, health or social work. 

Firstly, do you have a site you can use? If not, and you are keen to work with a local farm you could try contacting some of the local farming organisations and see if they can help.

If you have a site but are struggling with how to go about growing vegetables or keeping animals you could try contacting one of the land based Further Education Colleges, or one of the existing care farms or support organisations detailed elsewhere on this website. For a list of the main colleges you can try

Clone of How can I get practical support with care farming?

We encourage anyone developing a care farm to work towards our Code of Practice.

Can you help me with acquiring land for setting up a care farm? 

Land acquisition is a very broad subject and can differ from region to region depending on the policies of the Local Authority.

Can I make a decent living from care farming?

We firmly believe that care farmers need to be properly reimbursed for their time and expertise and that care farms need a strong economic foundati

I don't have any animals - can I still be classed as a care farm?

Absolutely. Care farming activities can include growing crops and vegetables, horticulture and land management.

Is my farm already a care farm?

If you are regularly working with people with a defined need and are doing activities outdoors which might include animal assisted therapy, growing

Is there any funding for setting up a care farm?

As far as SF&G is aware, there is no funding specifically available for setting up a care farm.

What do I need to consider if I'm a farmer?

If you're a farmer interested in care farming there are a few questions to ask before you start.