Lease hire equipment available to Orchard sites in Wales

News item first posted on: 17/01/23

Work to be undertaken: Provision of long-term lease-hire processing equipment for Orchard sites

CLOSING DATE: 25/01/2023

Including, but not limited to:
Discussion with 6 x appointed sites about their equipment needs

Provision of equipment to appointed sites: juicers, scratters/mills, press, pasteurisers, bottling kits (inc. labelling, bottles etc), dehydrators, jam making kits etc.

Provision of lease-hire agreement with sites, to include their on-site maintenance of equipment whilst in-situ. Note: Social Farms & Gardens will provide the legal framework for the lease hire to work from.
Supervising delivery, installation, initial use and subsequent troubleshooting of equipment supplied.

Keep all necessary financial records relating to the equipment:

  • Date purchased
  • Description of equipment
  • Price paid (inc. net recoverable VAT)
  • Serial / Identification numbers
  • Location of the equipment
  • Any date of disposal
  • Any sale of net of VAT
  • NB – NO equipment must be disposed of, transferred or dissipated before September 2028 without the prior written consent of Social Farms & Gardens (WG IoA 36.)

In the short-term, this will be producers/growers at the appointed sites. In the longer-term, the equipment may be used by site volunteers or in the wider community. This should be taken into account when initially discussing equipment needs with appointed groups.

The groups are geographically spread across Wales. Sites should be visited, either physically or virtually, to assess the suitable installation space for best use of the equipment.

Full brief details are available in Welsh, please contact [email protected]. We welcome tender submissions in English or Welsh - click here to for more information