We’re hosting a Have a Grow Day

Women Like Me

Address: c/o Fieldview Drive
NR32 2QL

We aim to help make women feel they have something to give, to show them someone does care and together help create a Women's movement where we can all learn to laugh and grow together. We are a positive wellbeing group helping to prevent mental health decline in women.
Garden Angels is a project where local women volunteer in their communities to tidy and clear others gardens (they can also work in schools and care homes - as long as a woman benefits then the garden will be considered) Our aim is to have Garden Angels teams in all areas.

Facilities: Volunteering
Accessible? No
Has livestock? No

Directions can be obtained from the project co-ordinator to each of our 3 sites

Toilets: Yes
What events and activities do you have planned for the day?
Will you be open on the day?
Video or virtual tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeCcRz4o8W8&t=199s