Hawtree Community Partnership
Woodland & Farm at Oldways End, south of Exmoor
Situated close to Dulverton & Exbridge
Oldways End, East Anstey, Dulverton,
EX16 9JH

Hawtree Community Partnership is a 'Not for Profit umbrella organisation'. Able to provide access and the use of over 120 acres of mixed woodlands and open land for organised carer and support groups to provide rehabilitation, education and training for disadvantaged children and people recovering from mental illness.

Open to a wide range of outdoor activities, orchards, wild food, cultivating, farming, tree planting and learning woodland skills. Available for forest school and medical carer and support groups.

Opportunities to interact with a wide range of flora and fauna, wildlife and to discover the remains of ancient industrial archaeological working sites.

Individuals or organisations interested in becoming involved in this organisation would be welcomed. Volunteers willing to help in clearing walkways and seating areas to improve the safety for disadvantaged children and school groups, also to assist children in tree planting, preparing general food planting sites would be welcome.