Cordwainers Community Garden
182 Mare Street
E8 3RE
Phone Number: 07714 288 286

Cordwainers Community Garden is on a bit of land owned by the London College of Fashion in Mare St, Hackney. From an area that was disused – or abused by dog-walkers, flashers and drunks – and covered in (mown) grass and brambles, since early 2011 we have built seventeen raised beds which are used as allotments for local people and students at the college. We also a mixed border for wildlife-friendly plants as well as fruit bushes and trees. As it’s in a fashion college we have also built a dye bed to grow natural dyes. We are experimenting with growing flax - and have even made our own string! The rear of the garden has been left as a wild space, where we have built a pond (and have several frogs who keep down the slugs and snails) and where we have twi beehives.

The garden is maintained and run wholly by volunteers. Our ages range from about 20 to about 70. We are in the process of building a shed from recycled materials.