Brooke School

Phone: 01788 812324
Address: Overslade Lane
CV22 6DY

The Wooden Spoon Farm is home to pigs, goats, ducks, chickens, turkeys, rabbits and guinea pigs. Pupils take part in practical lessons on the farm to learn about animal care and to develop skills for life.
Sep 2019 update: i) When did it close? We are in the process of closing the farm animal aspects of the farm whilst keeping the chickens and small animals.
ii) What were the primary reasons for closure? We have not got the space to ensure that the welfare of the animals is at its best at all times. We are able to access local farm establishments for the interaction with animals that are needed.
iii) If there was renewed support is there a possibility of restarting? We will continue to keep the chickens and ducks and small animals however would not be considering bringing back farm animals at any time in the future.

Facilities: Volunteering, Play area, Wildlife area
Open to the public? No
Open to the public - details:
Accessible? Yes
Has livestock? Yes