AppleCast Limited
Eco Centre
Cobbs Brow Lane
Phone Number: 01257 463012

AppleCast Limited (Formerly Cast North West) is an outdoor education facility based on 26acres of land in Newburgh, West Lancashire. We provide alternative educational activities for excluded young people, and those who want to pursue a vocational educational qualification. We also support young people and adults with special educational needs/ disabilities.
We work with schools and colleges from across the North West and support more than 230 people each week.
Our activities include: Fishing -including indoor and outdoor angling. We have the only indoor angling facility in the UK which enables access to angling all year round.
Horticulture -We have polytunnels that are used for teaching and a garden centre which enables students to follow the whole process from seed/ cutting to sales. It provides a calming therapeutic environment for learning.
Food growing -An allotment and food growing project that teaches young people how food is grown. We want to further develop this area
Small animals -providing education and therapy for people with anxiety and other issues.
Construction and aquaponics.
Bees and an orchard -these are being developed.
The site will become a visitor centre and recreational facility over the next 2 years.
We want to educate the public and provide access to learning through workshops and practical experience about food growing, the environment and animal care. We want to encourage people to learn, volunteer and use our site as a place for social activities.
Eventually we want to be able to grow food for distribution to families in crisis.