Insurance for community growing groups

Having adequate insurance cover is vital for all farmers, gardeners and growers, whether you are providing care services, inviting visitors on to your site or organising volunteer work days and other events. Groups will need both Public Liability Insurance (to cover visitors) and Employers’ Liability Insurance (to cover both employees and/or volunteers). An all risk policy and other specific insurances are advisable. A good overview on insurance for community farming and gardening groups can be found in the Community Growing Packs available from


Getting the Right Deal

  • Be clear about what you need insurance for, and of any factors you might adopt to reduce risk. For example, if you never use power tools you will not need insurance for that, and if your project has limited access to the general public that will probably reduce the premiums
  • Produce your own list of what you might consider insuring before speaking with a broker or when contacting insurance companies direct
  • Obtain several quotes for what you need and compare them; some will not cover particular items/activities, and others will have higher excesses (the first amount of any claim you pay yourself); insuring a few hundred pounds of power tools may not be worth it if the excess is similar to their value
  • Find out where other groups get their insurance from (ask your local Council for Voluntary Service or other voluntary sector support organisation).

We can’t recommend an insurance provider as we are not currently registered advisors. On joining SF&G, members are provided with details of an insurance brokers who offer SF&G members a discount. The brokers will obviously discuss your specific requirements with you and advise as to the scheme's suitability and any additional cover you might need. If you already a member of SF&G, login to find out more details about this scheme.

Our colleagues in the Community Land Advisory Service have also produced a leaflet about insurance that you may also find helpful: