Having adequate insurance cover is vital for all farmers, gardeners and growers, whether you are providing care services, inviting visitors onto your site or organising volunteer work days and other events.

Suitable cover protects both the organisation and individuals from potentially very expensive liability claims if something goes wrong.

The types of cover needed will depend on the activities your group carries out, and a few different examples of how types of cover might be applied are given below.Insurance is not a substitute for good risk management practices.

For SF&G members, useful guides on site health and safety, risk assessments and safeguarding can be found at www.farmgarden.org.uk/resources

Where should you buy insurance?

We are working with an independent broker that specialises in insurance for both the voluntary and rural sectors. Their dedicated team understand the work of SF&G members and will provide you with a complimentary review of coverage, discuss your specific requirements and provide a policy tailored to your needs. In addition, they have agreed exclusive rates for our members.

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What type of cover do we need?

Below are a few examples of incidents and what type of insurance would cover this incident:

Incident Type of cover
Vandals set fire to the compost toilet Building cover
Someone using a public access footpath across the site at night injures themselves on a piece of equipment Landlord’s liability/ Public liability
You have to cancel an event due to bad weather losing deposits on, for example, marquees or entertainment Event insurance
A visitor on an open day is injured by, for example a falling branch Public liability
Equipment is stolen from a shed on-site Equipment cover
A volunteer injures themselves with a gardening implement Employers liability
A customer falls ill after eating produce that was grown in the garden Products liability
You give out poor advice on a tree pruning workshop which results in the participants killing their trees Professional Indemnity
Charity Commission investigates trustees, alleging non-compliance with charity law Trustee Indemnity
Fire in a community café leading to loss of revenue Loss of Revenue