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Learn to build a rocket stove? Hand-feed a lamb? Eat clay-oven baked pizzas using ingredients picked nearby? Wassail round an apple orchard? Cheer on the competitors in The Goat Race? Volunteer to help vulnerable kids get a change of scene? Or simply sit, quietly, in a green oasis in the middle of an built-up area and relax? There's lots of fun, interesting and educational opportunities available at community growing projects across the UK aimed at visitors, volunteers and people who want to set up their own groups.

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The Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens has been awarded nearly £97,000 of National Lottery funding to develop six key areas that will support community growing projects and create a legacy for the Growing Together initiative.

The grant has been made by the Big Lottery Fund,...

A conference exploring and celebrating the links between community growing, care farming, health and wellbeing will take place in Manchester in April, which will also mark the official launch of a major new organisation following the merger of the Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens...

A major new organisation to support and promote land-based community development, green care and social care will be launched in April, following an agreement to merge between the Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens and Care Farming UK.

The new organisation will build on the...


Start/End Date: 24-25 April 2018

Growing Better Lives 2018 is a conference exploring and celebrating the links between community growing, care farming, health and well-being. It is aimed at community growing and care farming practitioners, health commissioners, policy makers and...

Start / End Date: 12th March 2018 10.00am - 12.30 pm

The event is a two hour session focusing on how community supported agriculture (CSA) is thriving in the Gower through the endeavours of Cae Tan CSA.

Start / End Date: 28th February 2018, 1.00 pm - 6.00 pm

Join us for a creative workshop to explore our shared passions for food growing, learn engagement techniques and enjoy meeting with your peers over refreshments in a beautiful garden.