Yorkshire & Humberside

Yorkshire & Humberside is a land of contrasts - big open spaces, big urban places. Community growing is often a key part of local life here and there is plenty of activity which Social Farms & Gardens supports. 

See below for a map view or list of Social Farms & Gardens members in this region as well as local news, events and case studies. Meanwhile, there are lots of useful information resources available for Yorkshire and Humberside farmers, gardeners and growers on our Resources page.

If you are looking for members that offer commissioned health, social care or special education services (such as care farms), please follow this link


Get Involved

If you want information on our work in Yorkshire and Humberside then please contact admin@farmgarden.org.uk.

Y newyddion diweddaraf yn y rhanbarth hwn

We are delighted to announce that Social Farms & Gardens has been selected to lead the 'Growing Care Farming' Project.

This project is part of the £10m Children and Nature Programme being supported by Defra, funded by the Department of Education and managed by Natural England, which...

For many people arriving to seek asylum in the UK, community growing spaces can offer vital and unique opportunities to find community, improve mental and physical health and to learn and share skills. These resources have been designed to encourage and support community growing groups to...

Digwyddiadau i ddod yn y rhanbarth hwn

Start / End Date: 11th February 2020, 11:00 to 3:00 pm

This event is designed for care farmers and prospective care farmers with limited experience of fundraising and will provide some of the basic skills and knowledge required.

Useful Case Studies

Our member groups provide the inspiration for these videos, created as part of our Tyfu Pobl programme in Wales but of interest to viewers across the UK, which shows our members in action and illustrate how our support has helped in their development...

Rooted In Hull

Our work with groups in Hull has not only nurtured a network of community gardens, but also paved the way for a pioneering mobile city farm, which aims to become a unique micro-farming enterprise. Find out how Social Farms...