Hafod Walled Garden Group
Hafod Walled Garden
Hafod Estate
Ystrad Meurig
United Kingdom
SY25 6DX
Phone Number: 01974282724

The objects of the Company are to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular, to:
1. develop and maintain the Hafod walled garden as a growing environment for vegetables, herbs, fruits and trees.
2. propagate trees from collected seed/graft material to sell or donate for woodland planting schemes.
3. provide opportunities to the local and wider community for increased health and well-being through involvement with the walled garden activities.
4. identify and develop individuals' skills and abilities with the intention of creating self-employment in the local and wider communities.
5. use the walled garden as a learning resource to improve the level of horticultural knowledge and skills in the local and wider communities.
6. distribute the produce grown to members of the company as a benefit of membership, with any excess being sold or donated locally.
7. use and develop nature-friendly and sustainable practices throughout the garden and promote them through teaching and events, with the intention of it becoming an exemplar of such practices.
8. host events and activities in accord with the aims and interests of the company.