Ingleby Manor School Farm Project

Phone: 01642 352450
Address: Ingleby Manor Free School & Sixth Form
Welwyn Road
Ingleby Barwick
TS17 0FA

We are looking to set up a school farm on site. We want to provide an opportunity for students to learn and study courses and skills in animal management and horticulture.
We are keen to create an outdoor learning classroom, animal paddocks for a variety of small farm animals such as hens, pigs, pygmy goats etc, a wildlife pond, polytunnels and a vegetable patch.
We want offer qualifications to students who have struggled with 'typical academic subjects' and give those students a chance to excel in more practical study.
Ingleby Manor School also has a full-time counsellor and we want to incorporate animal and plant therapy and offer a peaceful environment where students with mental health can feel comfortable and be mindful.
When established, this resource could be offered to other schools to visit and also the local community.

Facilities: Wildlife area
Open to the public?
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Accessible? No
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