The independent evaluation of NI’s Growing Resilience

News item first posted on: 13/06/24

The independent evaluation of NI’s Growing Resilience: Digging Deeper Project 2019 – 2024

Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund has been published. This 5-year project has established community-growing networks throughout NI based on:

Equity & Social Justice
Attracting a diverse range of participants and intentionally removing barriers to participation

Asset based Community Development
Beginning with noticing and mobilising existing value and assets in a place. 

From Centralised to Distributed networks
Involving people working peer-to-peer as equals, creating, and producing together

Productive Activity

Producing tangible things together as human beings

“This project understood, embodied and practised that relationships are the ‘bottom line’ in terms of our wellbeing as people and our ability to feed ourselves and thrive on a living planet”.


Read the full report here.