SF&G Coronavirus COVID -19 special update

Our latest news pages generally contain regular updates on our work, funding and income, land issues, Government policy, new initiatives, valuable research and, sometimes, a few quirky stories that might tickle your interest.

However, due to the Coronavirus COVID -19 outbreak we will be posting regular dedicated updates over the next few months.

As the situation develops we want you to know that we are here

We know that this will be a very difficult time for our members and for all those working in the sector. 

To help support you we will be sharing:

  • Useful resources, links, and advice - click on the 'Coronavirus COVID - 19 - resources, links and news' story below
  • Ideas that helps bring people and communities together – including ‘Growing Well Together’ gardening ideas over social media
  • Inspirational and positive stories to help people connect and support eachother across social media

We are not in the position to offer specific or medical advice on Coronavirus COVID-19. Refer to NHS and Government advice for this, links to which are included in our 'Coronavirus COVID - 19 - resources, links and news' piece below.

We want to hear from you

  • Tell us what challenges you are facing so that we can lobby on your behalf
  • What are you doing to manage the situation? Are you live streaming courses? Do you have any resources or policies that could help others?

We would like to collect this content and share it with others, enabling the community of our membership to support each other.
Please email: