Learning Bubbles

News item first posted on: 15/11/21

We are pleased to announce that SF&G will be part of a new European Erasmus Plus project called Learning Bubbles: an investigation into potential collaborations between schools, community gardens and the digital world. 

The project will take place between 2021 and 2023.

The new project seeks to utilise the unique educational setting that community gardens and city farms can provide, and results from observations made during the Covid-19 pandemic, where teachers and students from all over Europe were forced to rapidly find new ways of teaching and learning. 


This illustration covers some key take-aways about the Learning Bubbles programme.


The Learning Bubbles project will:

  • Develop and test systems for outdoor learning
  • Develop a planning system for the creation of learning pathways
  • Provide training in blended learning systems that support pupil needs

Project Marerials:

  • Training course suitable for both educators and community growers
  • Project toolkit
  •  Programme evaluation nvolving students, education professionals and community growing groups

International Partners:

  • Replay Network (Italy)
  • Pistes-Solidaires (France)
  • Institut Jean Errecart (France)
  • Piaget-Diaz (Italy)
  • Gloverspiece School (UK)
  • UC Leuvenlimburg (Belgium)

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