Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens
Kirkby Gardens
The Meadows
Phone Number: 0115 9867777

Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens was created by local people from a wasteland. It had over 7,000 visits last year. Its activities can be summed up as HEART:

· Horticulture/ healthy food: grow produce for sale to the community.
· Education: an educational resource for school children and wider community, focussing on horticulture, the environment and healthy eating.
· Activities and volunteering: put on a range of horticultural based activities and foster volunteering as a valued and worthwhile activity. ·
Recreation: be a place to work, rest and play, where events celebrate the community’s cultural diversity.
· Training: Provide vocational training in horticulture, including apprenticeships.

Arkwright Meadows Community (AMC) Gardens is a green space in the inner city where local people run and participate in community activities and grow organic produce. We have over 50 regular volunteers helping cultivate the Gardens and deliver its activities. In the last year, over 7,000 people visited to grow or buy produce, learn about the environment and enjoy this oasis. We specialise in world foods reflecting the diverse diets of local people. We educate children about the environment, train adults in horticulture, host health activities and deliver a range of events that are managed and reflect our surrounding community.