Group 5A Community Gardens and Allotments

Phone: 01709 864 216
Address: Auburn Road Allotment Site

The Edlington Group 5A Community Gardens and Allotments manage over 60 of the allotment plots in the village and have been working to regenerate the run down site. Some members have been allotment holders for many years and are keen to encourage all types of people to grow things - anything - to make a place to socialise and restore the allotments so that they can give the joy they once did to many people.

Facilities: Shop
Open to the public? No
Open to the public - details:
Accessible? No
Has livestock? Yes
Details of livestock and rare breeds kept:



Bu bus to Edlington from Doncaster, get off bus at Central Terrace. Walk 250 m up Dixon Road backs or by car, direct to site by car, limited parking