Phone: +44 7881 025465
Address: Westland Gardens
Waterworks Park
BT14 6NG

Started in 2008, GROW is a small charity working with communities to create community gardens in their area. It’s as much about growing community as it is about growing food and flowers. As we develop, we try out new things and if it works it becomes part of our model. So cooking and eating together is now a big part of what we do in our weekly sessions! We try to bring those who may be isolated, suffering with mental or physical health issues, or those who just want to spend a bit more time outdoors together, all while enriching the local area. Currently, we have two gardens – one at The Waterworks in North Belfast, and one at Camberwell Court where we work with older people (60+). In addition to our weekly sessions, we hold community events which are open to all the community.

Open to the public? Yes
Open to the public - details: During opening times
Opening hours:

Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays 10am-3pm

Accessible? Yes
Has livestock? No

Bedside the westland gardens entrance to the waterworks park.