Nature in Mind (Framework)

Phone: 0115 970 9591
Address: The Burrow
40 Forest Road West

Nature In Mind is a service within the housing charity Framework. We provide daily activities in nature to support people to recover and sustain their mental health. It is a free service for adults over 18 living in Nottingham and surrounding suburbs. Activities include allotment gardening, wildlife identification, walking, conservation, arts and crafts from natural materials, drumming, healthy eating, farm visits and many others. This approach, also known as ecotherapy, is based on evidence that shows that being in nature can bring many benefits to mood and mental health. For example it has been shown to reduce depression, anxiety and the need for medication. It can also help to overcome social isolation as activities take place in small, supportive groups.

Facilities: Volunteering, Community recycling/composting, Wildlife area
Open to the public? No
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Opening hours:

People access the service by being referred or self referred.

Accessible? No
Has livestock? No

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