Urban Warriors Falkirk
Westquarter Glen
Phone Number: 07730447212

i. Encourage people to visit sites of natural beauty in the Lower Braes & environs and to enjoy their recreational, educational and social benefits; This includes Westquarter Glen, The Union Canal and Callendar Woods.
ii. Encourage and engage local people and enable them to enjoy the recreational, educational and social benefits of the glen and environs;
iii. Recognise, manage , protect and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the sites;
iv. Ensure that the sites and surrounding areas are socially, ecologically and financially sustainable in order to secure the future of these sites of natural beauty.
v. Engage actively with the wider community to further any projects agreed jointly by the group and partners including The Forestry Commission, Falkirk Council, and Falkirk Community Trust as the site managers and ‘the group.
vi. Establish a vibrant and effective local organisation that reinforces inclusiveness and empowerment for everyone all ( Access for All)
vii. Support and empower a network of strong and vibrant local organisations, and community volunteers to deliver help and support in their communities.
viii. Enable those in the greatest need and the most vulnerable to be at the heart of everything that we do.