Bernays Gardens Community Group

Phone: 07903054789
Address: High Street

Bernays Gardens HA7 4AH - is a secluded public garden in the village of Stanmore. We are a group of six volunteers working to restore the gardens.
When we took on the work the site was overgrown. Flower beds has disappeared, trees were dying. We have been reinstating flower beds, planting new shrubs and plants and have been pruning and maintaining the trees. The Gardens are in a Conservation area so it is fitting that they be returned to their former glory.
One or two members if the community have given us cuttings and plants from their own gardens and we have held a number of events in order to raise funds. - but as there are only six of us we are limited as to what we can arrange.

The local community has told us then of how much they appreciate the work we've been doing. That feedback continues via visitors to the Gardens & on our FB page: in both instances they offer their opinions as to what they would like to see in the Gardens.
As you can imagine the site needs continual maintenance to re-establish this as an area of local beauty, as it used to be. The local Council is no longer in a position to fund this and therefore we value all and any donations we receive.

Facilities: Volunteering
Open to the public? Yes
Open to the public - details: Open access
Accessible? Yes
Has livestock? No