Sell your Surplus

Phone: 07970348446
Address: The Art School
20 Scott Street
G3 6PE

A scheme to set up a network of free sites where small community garden groups and other charitable non commercial gardening groups can sell their surplus produce for free directly to the public. To also encourage restaurants/cafes etc to buy this produce and create special 'surplus specials'.

The sites will be easy to facilitate with very little advance warning required - if you have bumper harvest find your nearest spot and get there whenever suits to sell - just let the local organiser know to expect you.

The aim is to reduce the amount of time that community gardens need to spend in order to get some sort of income from surplus so that trade doesn't become an unnecessary distraction from their aims but could help them get some to buy more seeds etc. while raising their profile in the local community.

The first table will be at The Art School, 20 Scott Street, Glasgow. We hope to grow the scheme throughout Scotland from there!

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