Castlebank Horticultural Centre

Phone: 07815677936
Address: Castlebank Horticultural Centre
Old Sawmill Building
ML11 9EG

The vision for Castlebank Horticultural Centre is to create a vibrant multi-use community space which will prove social cohesion and provide opportunities for learning and development. There will be ongoing opportunities for local people to gain new skills, build their confidence and capabilities in an engaging and sustainable way. The centre is situated in Castlebank Park, near the former site of Lanark Castle where the Sheriff of Lanark was slain by William Wallace in revenge for the murder of Marion Braidfute in 1297. Castlebank Park is a large area of ground consisting of a children's play area, a swing set, a garden and even a Horticultural Centre. The gates into the park are a listed building!

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