Curly's Legacy

Phone: 07875507937
Address: The Courtyard
Elmley Road
ME12 3SS

The objects of Curly’s Legacy are to support and improve the lives of specific groups of people:
• Children who are currently in care and the families who look after them.
• Children with special education needs or disabilities and the families that they are part of.
• Children who are at risk of exclusion from school.
• Adults with SEND that live with their parents.
• Children in school whom require alternative learning environments to enable their learning.

We will do this by
• Providing a supplementary, alternative education provision where children and young people can learn through everyday smallholding experiences.
• Promoting social inclusion of children and young people by providing farm based and outdoor activities.
• Providing educational experiences for children and young people at risk of permanent exclusion from school.
• Providing sensory-based learning experiences for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).
• Promoting agriculture, rural life and the rural environment.
• Providing opportunities for children and young people to experience aspects of rural life and the rural environment for the benefit of those who by reason of their social and economic circumstances cannot benefit from such opportunities.
• Promoting, providing and educating the public in subjects pertaining to the conservation, protection, and enjoyment of the countryside and smallholder/farming environment.
• Providing leisure experiences to disadvantaged families, vulnerable children and adults with SEND whom still live at home with their parents.
• Providing low cost short breaks for the child and family to get-away for a few days.
• Improving the education and learning outcomes of young people, by facilitating School-led visits to Curly’s Farm, for children who may be identified by the school as needing an alternative curriculum or additional support to prevent further escalation of behavioural or social and emotional issues.

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