A Greener Hawick

Phone: 07760981257
Address: Ellerslie,
West Stewart Place

Our projects aim to:
Aid improvement of and protection against adverse consequences to the environment in the Hawick area, by increasing awareness and understanding of climate disruption, exploring the consequences for the Hawick community and promoting our part in reducing and mitigating those impacts.
Advance health in the Hawick area by promoting the growing and use of local and healthy foods as a benefit of reducing the carbon footprint of the food supply.

These aims will be achieved through promoting sustainable economic development. The first projects which aim to further this are:
1. Cooperation with Hawick Community Energy Group, a local Community Benefit Cooperative planning to develop a Hawick Energy Plan.
2. Increase the area of growing land in Hawick to increase community wealth and wellbeing. Develop understanding of the growing cycle. Reduce carbon miles by composting green waste in Hawick, Encourage reuse and recycling schemes which include elements of training and education.

Our schemes will require inward investment which will boost community wealth and enable asset transfer of underused land from the public sector and motivate cooperation of all three sectors of the economy.

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