Katherine Buchan Meadow Trust

Phone: 07954 362244
Address: Du Burstow Terrace
W7 2NU

The Katherine Buchan Meadow Trust has turned a sadly neglected space into a beautiful open light airy space enhancing the experience of all who are passing through and live nearby, whilst introducing and encouraging a diversity of wildlife. The project has created a truly communal space connecting the local community and St Mark's Primary school through the research, development and stewardship of the green.

This project provides an opportunity for the community to enjoy having a communal heart, especially as a number of local residents don't have gardens. It could provide a place to relieve the isolation some in the community may feel at times by providing a welcoming open space in which to sit and maybe pass the time of day with someone by chance.

An informal 'Friends of' maintains the meadow, recording the appearance of wildlife using the space, the success of the flora in attracting which species, monitoring the stag beetles habit and engaging with St Mark's pupils encouraging the schools involvement, benefiting a number of the curricular requirements and offering the children a positive experience of being involved as part of the wider community.

Facilities: Wildlife area
Open to the public? No
Open to the public - details:
Accessible? No
Has livestock? No