Hawthorn High School Sensory Garden

Phone: 01443841228 EXT-243
Address: School Lane
CF37 5AL

We are looking to produce a garden where our students senses are stimulated. We want to also consider including features with particular sensory qualities, with the particular intention of creating a beneficial environment for students with additional needs. Our vision is to include all senses of Touch, Taste, Hear, Smell and Feel. We would love to include nectar-producing plants that lure birds into the garden,hang wind chimes in breezy areas, install a water feature, have a textured paths that make sounds as you walk, such as crushed gravel.
We plan to plant flowers with subtle smells such as violets, aromatic herbs such as mint, thyme or rosemary, near path edges or seats, so that when you walk on them they release a beautiful aroma. We plan to space scented flowers at intervals around our garden so that the different scents will not be confusing or overwhelming. We would love for our students to be able to grow their own herbs and use them in our cooking classes and to plant a vegetable garden with edible flowers.
The garden would be invaluable to out students and could encourage new hobbies, life skills and a safe space to relax.

Open to the public? No
Open to the public - details:
Accessible? No
Has livestock? No