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Address: able2achieve
23/25 Princes Street
BA20 1EN

able2achieve supports individuals with learning disabilities, mental health, and other associated disabilities. We support individuals in a variety of different ways from everyday living skills to attending social events.
Our mission is to enable personal achievement and progression by developing essential skills and self-confidence through learning, living and working.
We currently support leaners across a number of houses and provide real life job training in our 2 cafes, bakery and antiques shop.
We also have our vocational day provision, which provides a range of learning activities, and opportunities to socialise, meet friends and to learn skills, these can enable progression to work experience.

This year we have been working to provide better opportunities in the learners local community through a selection of community gardening and land management activities. Our leaners have been working on the following local sites:
1. Maintaining and helping to design a local care-home garden.
2. Working in partnership with a local charity to maintain and turn 25 acres of land into a nature and community friendly space, including the implementation of a community vegetable plot and orchard.
3. Attending an environmental centre to learn the skills needed to maintain their grounds and the other sites we attend.
4. Working with our local council to be part of the 'Britain in Bloom' initiative and achieving a 'Thriving' rating in the 'It's your neighbourhood' category.
5. Growing plants in our shed room, which we distribute to our local good cause gardens.
6. Supporting our local heritage steam railway with hands on work and plant donations.
7. Preparing to work with our local hospital and council to rework one of their gardens.
8. Preparing to support a local community garden group in Yeovil, helping them to engage with their community.

We hope that through our work, the learners accessing our services will become key members of their local communities and be seen a valued members of that community.
We also hope that by working with different groups, we can form a robust network of like minded groups and organisations to work towards common goals that effect our local environment.

Facilities: Cafe, Shop
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