Moss Rose Cottage

Phone: +447795380411
Address: 112 Wentloog Road

At Moss Rose Cottage, we have created a new model of community engagement and rehabilitation, where people of working age with non-visible disabilities can; access community based rehabilitation, improve their self-esteem, skill set and chances of employment, whilst in a setting that will improve the shared wellbeing of the wider community, by creating mutually beneficial connections and relationships.
Colleagues at Moss Rose Cottage will complete a program where they will have the opportunity to; socialise with others, trial new hobbies, learn new coping skills and life skills, whilst supporting the local community and partaking in work experience. We focus on turning 'I can't' into 'I can'.
We also support carers by providing a space where they can socialise with others in their situation, access strategies to help them improve their own wellbeing and share up to date advice regarding the various types of support available to the caring community.
We recognise that hidden disabilities and barriers often mask hidden talents.

Facilities: Volunteering, Community space for hire, Wildlife area
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