Care farming for dementia and older people

Care farms can improve the quality of life for older people and those living with dementia. Some care farms run specialist dementia services which are adapted to suit people living with the condition.  

People who have been diagnosed with dementia can often be at risk of social isolation and declines in mental and physical health. Research has shown that regularly spending time in nature can slow progression of dementia. It can also improve sleep, concentration, appetite and communication skills.

Research by the charity Dementia Adventure shows that people living with dementia and their carers often face barriers to accessing the outdoors. Care farms providing dementia services offer vital local support to their communities. 

Read our case studies to find out more about farms offering dementia services and our partnership project with Dementia Adventure. 

“The greatest achievement is getting to know the real person behind the disease, their personality, their humour, their life story.”

Geoff Stevens, Pathways Care Farm

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