Integrated Care Systems and care farming 

The UK healthcare system is always evolving. It can be hard to keep pace but it's useful for care farmers and green care providers to understand how it works.  

Understanding healthcare provision and the allocation of resources means you can be part of the process. It can also help you to secure more funding to provide your care farm places.  

Local services for patients were once commissioned by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). Now, Integrated Care Systems (ICS) are replacing Clinical Commissioning Groups.  

Integrated Care Systems plan heath and care services to meet the needs of their local area. They include providers and commissioners of NHS services local authorities and local partners.  

Integrated Care Systems are an important shift away from traditional models of healthcare. Each ICS will use local health and social care data to guide partnerships. They will also collaborate to deliver health improvements to places and populations.

Find out more about integrated care in your your area on the NHS website

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